Various hospital associations require technical assistance for addressing financial, payment and reimbursement issues.  Either on an as requested basis or on an on-going basis, SCA provides this support to various hospital associations, including the American Hospital Association (AHA), California Hospital Association (CHA) and District Hospital Leadership Forum (DHLF).  In addition, similar support is provided to individual hospitals and health systems upon request.  Such support includes the following:

  • Health policy analysis related to both proposed and adopted federal/state legislation and regulations.  
  • Evaluation, interpretation, and financial analysis of government and other third party reimbursement policies.  Identify issues to bring to the attention of hospital representatives that may need to be addressed.
  • Evaluation of government implementation of new federal/state legislation and regulations.
  • Technical and operational support to the District Hospital Leadership Forum addressing the financial, reimbursement and policy issues facing California’s District hospitals.  Identify and develop innovative payment improvement programs and address issues impacting current programs.  See the DHLF web page for more specifics.