SCA provides clients with oversight and strategic planning related to various hospital supplemental payment programs. Clients are advised of impacts on program changes and given guidance and support regarding program requirements. SCA works with clients to ensure that the required data can be captured and reported which is critical for the supplemental payments to be made at their appropriate levels. Supplemental payment levels are also analyzed to address cost limit issues and to assist with the client’s budgeting process.

 PRIME Project Strategic Guidance

  • Provide District hospital PRIME teams with strategic advice regarding project operations, results, and reporting
  • Examine opportunities for claiming both unclaimed funds and high- performance pool funds
  • Examine approaches and possible project opportunities that may become available under an extended or new PRIME program

Children’s Hospital Grant Program

  • Work with hospital project team(s) to determine the most appropriate project selections for attaining grant programs
  • Assist in the preparation of the grants from the application to provide insights and address scoring criteria
  • Monitor and coordinate grant programs activities between hospital project team and the California Health Facilities Financing Authority

Medi-Cal Managed Care Rate Range Program

  • Examine hospital service data to prepare for negotiations with health plans to seek increased rate range funding
  • Monitor and work within specified timelines to ensure that all requirements for receiving funding are being met
  • Review and monitor rate range contracts with health plans to ensure compliance