Ryan Witz is a Senior Manager with SCA and the Sr. VP – Finance and Policy for the District Hospital Leadership Forum (DHLF). In his capacity with DHLF, he is responsible for the development of federal and state financial/reimbursement policy on behalf of California’s District hospitals. This includes overseeing DHLF’s advocacy functions and working directly with state regulators in the design and implementation of health care policies that impact District hospitals, as well as the other healthcare stakeholders that participate with the Districts in this process.

Prior to joining SCA, Ryan was as the Executive Director of Medicaid Finance in California & Hawaii for Kaiser Permanente (KP), and the Group Vice President of Policy for the California Hospital Association (CHA).

  • During his time at KP, Ryan effectively served as the Chief Financial Officer for the Medi-Cal line-of-business, responsible for regulatory reporting, budgeting, forecasting, managed care capitation development, and contract compliance.
  • During his time at CHA, Ryan was responsible for the development and negotiations on the Hospital Quality Assurance Fee program (e.g., HQAF, Private Hospital Directed Payment (PHDP) Program) and was involved in the formulation, implementation, and administration of other complex health care financing programs (e.g., DSH, Private Hospital Supplemental Fund, SB 239 Passthrough Payments).

Prior to joining KP and CHA, Ryan worked for the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and in 2015 was appointed by Secretary Diana S. Dooley, to serve as DHCS’ Assistant Deputy Director, Health Care Financing. At DHCS, he was responsible for the development and oversight of the delivery, coordination, and integration of DHCS health care financing policy for the State Medicaid program.


Erin Hagstrom Clark is a member of SCA focusing on activities related to the District Hospital Leadership Forum (DHLF). Erin’s primary duties are related to state and federal advocacy efforts at both the legislative and regulatory levels. In this role she works with both external audiences as well as the DHLF membership on efforts related to district/municipal public hospitals (DMPH). Erin also provides SCA with technical assistance on financial and claims data analysis and review.

Prior to joining the firm, Erin worked at Capitol Partners, a legislative and advocacy firm for 6 years. There she was responsible for the coordination of client advocacy days, preparation of position statements and providing analysis on introduced and amended bills. In addition to legislative advocacy, she managed and executed press events for clients with elected officials and government agencies. She has also built a niche in organization management, overseeing day-to-day operations and assisting with the development and execution of large conferences.

Prior to working with Capitol Partners, Erin was the Vice President of Operations and Project Manager for select clients and special initiatives in the real estate and tax deferments industry for over 10 years.

Ms. Clark has a BS in Marketing with an emphasis in communications from California State University, Sacramento.


Kevin Seeley is a Government Reporting Specialist for SCA. Kevin is responsible for the preparation and submission of both the quarterly and annual OSHPD hospital accounting and reporting disclosure reports. He works on the state audits of these reports addressing data questions and issues related to hospital accounting and reporting practices. He has established a rapport with both OSHPD staff and hospital clients to ensure that the reports are prepared with accuracy in order to reduce the level of audit issues during the State review process.

Along with the preparation of disclosure reports, Kevin also prepares State Controller’s Reports for Special Districts as well as assists on special projects of a financial nature that utilize OSHPD data. These projects include analysis and interpretation of hospital reporting trends and ensuring consistency between quarterly and annual OSHPD data.

Mr. Seeley has a BS in Finance from California State University, Sacramento.