Steve Clark and Associates

SCA Consultants, Inc., offers clients a wide spectrum of healthcare policy development, financial management, and reimbursement consultation services. Their specialists afford healthcare providers a team approach for addressing specific financial, strategic and policy development. Each principal is well known for their extensive experience throughout the healthcare field.

SCA clients include a broad array of healthcare providers and provider representatives. These include acute care hospitals, hospital associations, and legal firms that represent the healthcare provider industry. By representing such clients, SCA has been able to provide input into healthcare policy changes through the legislative and regulatory process, as well as stay current with such changes at both the State and Federal levels.

Through SCA’s close working relationships with other specifically selected health care consulting and legal firms that provide complementary services through an “Associate” arrangement, SCA can offer an enhanced level of services that incorporates the expertise and experience level provided by coordinating the efforts of multiple firms. This also allows the Associate firm an opportunity to better serve their clients by better understanding and applying health care policy changes at the technical level.