In 2009/10 SCA established a coalition of five District hospitals to identify and address opportunities to access federal funds that were not being made available to District hospitals. Through the creation of numerous federal funding programs District hospitals now receive federal funding that reaches their upper payment limit, as well as funding for programs that provide payment outside of the upper payment limit. The District Hospital Leadership Forum (DHLF) is now comprised of 36 hospitals which includes the majority of the District hospitals in California.

Management, technical, and operational support to the DISTRICT HOSPITAL LEADERSHIP FORUM 

  • Identify and develop innovative payment improvement programs to access federal funding levels to reach upper payment limit (UPL) in the aggregate for California’s District hospitals
  • Seek opportunities within the California payment waiver(s) to access federal funding at levels above the UPL in the aggregate for California’s District hospitals
  • Recommend and advocate for an equitable funding allocation to all DHLF members on all federal supplemental funding programs
  • Lead the DHLF on all advocacy strategy involving issues related to finance and reimbursement matters on behalf of District hospitals
  • Representation of District hospitals before the legislature and state regulatory agencies

Analysis of proposed and adopted legislation and regulation impacting hospitals both within the DHLF membership and with other SCA clients

  • Interpretation/financial analysis of government reimbursement policies
  • Identification and evaluation of government policy implementation that may be problematic
  • See the DHLF web page for more specifics